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About Bobbie Mikita

I am a professional REALTOR® in Pittsburgh, PA with 15+ years of experience representing sellers and buyers with their real estate needs. Whether I’m working with sellers wanting to maximize their investment and get the best price for their home, or with buyers looking to find that perfect home in the best location, I working tirelessly on my clients’ behalf to do the “best” for them. I work with sellers to maximize their net returns by determining the best list price for their home. Before a seller's home goes on the market, I will create a staging plan and itemized repair list to improve a home’s marketability and value and lead to a quicker sale once it's on the market. When an offer is received, I work with sellers to educate them on how best to respond to the offer. Once an offer is accepted, I help the seller negotiate any repairs, mortgage or title issues during the contingency period. I also provide sellers with guidance on alternatives for removing household contents prior to closing. I work with buyers to help them determine the best location for their new home for both their lifestyle and their budget. After an interview to determine the buyers needs and wants, I create a customized property search which will keep the buyers informed about the newest homes on the market. This gives the buyer the best opportunity for viewing new listings. If buyers need help with financing, I can provide names of experienced, dedicated lenders who will review financing options. When a buyer finds the perfect home and decides to present an offer, I assist the buyer in structuring an offer that meets their budget and yet, is attractive to the seller. During the inspection contingency period, I work hand in hand in preparing their request for repairs, and then, help them to review the sellers’ response and move towards closing. I readily respond to my clients needs, whether they are buyers or sellers, and excel in communicating in a timely fashion.

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